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"We are so happy being a part of The Children's Academy! My son and daughter LOVE coming to school everyday! They are so happy and are becoming such incredible pre-schoolers...excited and ready to learn and grow in every way! Thank you!!

-The Daniello family


"Thank you for making the Academy the best school ever! We wake up each morning so excited to come there, because the days are always filled with so much learning and fun! We are so grateful for our wonderful teachers, for all of the friends we have made in our new classes, and for your guidance, leadership, and support. Thank you for caring so much, and for the kindness that you show us everyday."

-The Mande family


"Thank you so much for giving my son such a great year! He learned a lot and had a wonderful time everyday in school. He is well prepared for kindergarten because of you!"

-The Nassau family 



You will never know how much you mean to our family. You are family to us- always. We cannot thank you or begin to thank you for all you have done and given to our daughter. We have watched her grow and develop so much everyday- every week. This was/is because of your incredible gift for nurturing our children. You are not just a principal or a teacher, you are and have been a "mom" to our daughter while she was in school. How much more could a parent ask for in a teacher or principal or anyone for that matter!

Our daughter will miss you more than you know. I will miss you more than you know! I am actually afraid I will compare my daughter's future teachers to you and I will be disappointed because of who you are and how super you are. I wish you would start an elementary school. If you did, you know you would be the first ones to register!

Thank you very much for everything! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for starting this school and putting so much care and love to everything you do! I have been truly blessed for having you in our lives, especially our daughter, and she will be a better person because of you."

-The Weissman family


"Thank you for everything you do! My son couldn't be more excited to come to school everyday because of all of you. We wish you the best!"

-The Nussbaum family


"Thank you very much for all your efforts to get my son into the program! We really appreciate it. We believe he would not be there were it not for all your perseverence. Thank you for the Abe Lincoln books. My son loves them!"

-The Reyes-Guerras family


"Mrs. Ballaera,

I wanted to take the time to share with you the absolutely wonderful experience we've had this year with Ms. Esten. She is a very talented young teacher and has worked very hard to teach my daughter many things, both academic and not. She's great with kids. She's always kind, but has excellent control over the class. They all listen and respect her. The children all get along well with one another ebcause of the structure of her classroom. 

My daughter has learned so much this year. As you know, all 3 of my kids have gone through this school. We've always been happy here. But my daughter has learned more in three's than either of my other kids. Not because she's able to learn more, but because as time goes on, the curriculum continues to get better and better. Ms. Esten's implementation of the curriculum has made a big difference too. 

All in all, we couldn't be happier with Ms. Esten or The USR Children's Academy. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. You really are making a difference in these little children's lives and helping to shape them as students for the rest of their lives."

-The Nemec family


"Thank you so much for such a wonderful year at the USR Children's Academy. You have provided such a fantastic environment for my children to learn and grow. Your love, warmth, and caring for the children is so clear as is your devotion to making the school the best it can possibly be. Thank you for taking the time to get to know and care for my children and family personally, and for always having your to open to communicate. My children have absolutely loved coming to school and leanred so much and our family looks forward to many happy years at the school!"

-The Lahoud family


"What can we say? All three of our kids have grown so much and become such great little people. Your hard work and dedication is appreciated eahc and every day. All of us are so lucky to have had such a great experience at URSCA. Thank you for EVERYTHING!"

-The Cohen family


"Thank you for everything you have done to make our first year here so wonderful! It has been such a great experience for us to be at your school. We love it!!"

-The Strauss family


"Thank you so much for such an amazing year! My husband and I are so happy we chose this school for our son. We will definitely reccommend it to all our friends. You have done such a wonderful job here and it really shows that you care about our kids. We will miss you. Keep up the good work!"

-The  Chaudhry family


"Thank you for the incredible experience my son has had at the Children's Academy. Know in your heart you have prepared another group fo children for the future!"

-The Voskian family


"Thanks for helping make this year so great for my son! We truly appreciate the extra support and love you showed him!'

-The Loria family


"Thank you so much for always being so kind, warm, and fuzzy- making school a super fun place!! You're stuck with us for two more years!! We love you!!"

-The Cassese family


"Thank you for the opportunity to be apart of such an amazing school. I have enjoyed every moment I spent here this year and have gained so much personally and professionally. I am so impressed by your vision and your accomplishments and can only imagine what the future holds. I appreciate your love, support, guidance, and friendship on so many levels and look foward to our continued success together. I can't wait for another fabulous school year!"

-The Krendel family



We can never thank you enough for everything you have done the last two years. You are an amazing teacher and I'm so glad my sons had the pleasure of being taught by you! Thank you so much! We will truly miss you!"

-The DeNobiles


"We really appreciate you making my son's first experience with school so fun and amazing. Thank you somuch for all of your help, support, and love that you and his incredible teachers have shown and given him. We see such a great improvement with his behavior since the beginning of school and we thank you! We look forward to coming back in the fall!"

-The Burton family


"We wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. All of your hard work and dedication has really made this school of loving place of learning. Both of my children have loved being apart of this school. It's so sad to say goodbye! We will defnitely come back to visit!"

-The Brown family


"The Upper Saddle River Children's Academy means so much to our family that we want to support any projects that you are doing!"

-The DeLuise family


"This has been the most magical and wonderful year for our son! Thank you so much for delivering on all your promises. He has learned and grown so much this year and we owe much of it to your school and his teachers. Please know that you can always use us as a reference for new families looking at the school. You have always looked out for our son and we appreciate it. We will stay in touch!"

-The Kraft family


"Thank you for an amazing year. We are thrilled with everything my daughter learned and experienced!"

-The Hryniw family


"Mrs. Ballaera,

Where do I begin? Thank you for making my son's year as wonderful as it was. We love you and your staff. My son can't wait to start kindergarten with you!"

-The Silverman family


"They say that every thing hapens for a reason and I am a true believer that timing is everything. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work at USRCA this year. My first year has been as memorable as it is rewarding. As the school year comes to an end, I wanted to thank you for all the love, support, and guidance you have given me. I could not have made it through without you. Your patience and positive feedback has made me a more confident, better teacher. I look foward to working here again next year!"

-Danielle Esten


"Mrs. Ballaera,

I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for providing my son with an amazing school year. I saw him grow not only academically, but also emotionally and socially! He had an interesting story to share with my every single day, be it the science class, the creative movement or the day where they got to pet animals in their own playground.

Also words cannot express the gratitude we have towards Miss Renee, his class teacher, whose guidance has brought about amazing developments in my son! Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and am so glad I chose USR Children's Academy.

-Christine Lebovits


"Mrs. Ballaera,

We wanted to thank you for making USR Children's Academy such ana amazing experience for our family this year. My child even told me this morning, "Mom, I go to the best school ever!" I have to agree!

This year hasn't been the easiest year for our family and your generosity, compassipon, and genuine caring made us realize how lucky we were that you took over the school. We're so impressed with everything you've done here and the loving atmosphere you've created for the kids. We will miss you and everyone at the USR Children's Academy. Congratulations on an amazing first year and here's to many more!"

-The Guidice family


"Thank you for an amazing school year! The care you take with your school. teachers, and curriculum is apparent. Thank you for helping my son learn and grow so much this year!"

-The Politis family


"Thanks so much for the support you have shown my daughter (and myself!) this year! Your extra help in finding programs for her and your advice are much appreciated! Keep up the great work."

-The Clemente family


"Thank you for an another amazing school year! We are beyond happy with the level of education and care our son is getting! We couldn't be happier! We look forward to next year!"

-The Burton family

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