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Purpose And Goals


The Upper Saddle River Children’s Academy provides a nurturing learning environment for young children. Teaching emphases are based upon the emotional, social and intellectual development of each child. Our classrooms offer developmentally appropriate learning centers in a warm and friendly environment. Each day in the classroom, includes some teacher – instructed activities, which promote individual encouragement to all children in achieving their goals. This approach exposes the children to a variety of choices, so that our teachers can enrich and challenge all types of learning styles. Choices vary depending on the specific classroom and ages of children.

Significant time is spent on reading, writing, language development, phonological awareness, mathematical reasoning and number sense, multi-medial arts, dramatic play and storytelling. Music, interactive science experiments, constructive play, sand/water, rice/beans, library instruction, outdoor play, and nature walks within our immediate community are also part of curriculum.

Each child’s progress is carefully monitored through daily observations by the teacher(s). Standards and expectations are set high for each child.  Progress is recognized and rewarded at each level of achievement.  We strive to develop personal and trusting relationships between each child, parent, faculty and administration.

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