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The Upper Saddle River Children’s Academy seeks to provide a nurturing environment where all children develop a healthy, happy and secure approach to learning and living. In our preschool programs, we meet the children’s individual needs with love, patience and understanding. Our staff strives to develop each child individually by recognizing and accepting their unique differences. Our program is designed to promote curiosity and discovery in a warm and inviting developmentally appropriate learning environment. The Get Set For School Curriculum by Handwritting Without Tears is used as a foundation for our learning environment. This award-winning Pre-K curriculum is developmentally appropriate and designed so that all children can thrive and build a strong foundation for kindergarten. Children are encouraged to develop their personal capabilities, strengths, interests, and learning styles. We recognize that the main component for success is self-esteem and self-confidence. Through this program, our goal is to help children achieve these qualities. It is our responsibility to develop trusting relationships within our community. Our Faculty, Staff and Parents work together to form this partnership in the development and education of each child who enters our school.


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