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Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

The Upper Saddle River Children’s Academy’s philosophy is all about making each and every child successful. We will seek to provide a nurturing environment where all children develop a healthy, happy and secure approach to learning and living. Our educational program is designed to meet the children’s individual needs, intellectual style of learning, and development and enhancement of their emotional, social and physical growth. Our curriculum is designed with the resources to help children develop essential cognitive, physical and language skills. Children are encouraged to develop their personal capabilities, strengths, interests and learning styles through discovery and curiosity.

The Upper Saddle River Children’s Academy staff recognizes that the main components for preschoolers’ success are self-confidence, individual gifts and talents, development of social and self-help skills and to teach preschoolers how to make their own individual healthy choices.

The teaching staff of The Upper Saddle River Saddle Children’s Academy and I would consider it a privilege to work together with our parents to form this partnership, in the development and education of each child who enters our school.

I hope you give us the opportunity to prove that The Upper Saddle Children’s Academy is the absolute best choice when considering your child’s early education experience.  We look forward to meeting with you to further discuss your needs and concerns.



Alicia Ballaera, Director


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